Henry Mountains Project Utah

World class uranium/vanadium producing district

Location Overview

Henry Mountains Project Utah

  • Claims located within the Henry Mountains complex on the Colorado Plateau
  • Mineral belt productive for uranium and vanadium
  • Long history of mining of uranium and vanadium ore (100+ years)
  • White Mesa Mill is a significant past producer of uranium/vanadium since 1980’s
  • Estimated thickness of mineralised salt wash member is 10-30m
  • Shallow ore horizon
  • Walk up ready drill targets
  • Underexplored ground along trend from historical workings
  • Close to operational uranium/vanadium processing plant
  • Excellent infrastructure and easily accessible

Historical production from the Henry Mountains

  • >92 m lbs (>40kt) Uranium Produced

    • Grades averaging 2,400ppm U3O8

  • >482 mlbs (>210kt) Vanadium Produced

    • Grades averaging 1.25% V2O5

Recent Fieldwork Highlights

Project Highlights

Initial phase of exploration sampling yielded highly encouraging results

  • Outcropping Salt Wash Member hosts U3O8 and V2O5 mineralisation
  • Adits accessible within claim blocks
  • High grade U3O8 and V2O5 sample results returned

2018 XRF Sampling


U3O8 (ppm)

V2O5 (%)

HM1811- 01



HM1811- 03



HM1811- 04



HM1811- 06



HM1811- 02



HM1811- 05



HM1811- A1



    Geological Overview

    Prolific Uranium/Vanadium Mining District

    • The vanadium and uranium mineralisation occurs within the Salt Wash Member of the Morrison Formation which is a complex fluvial deposit of Late Jurassic age that occupies an area of approximately 600,000 square miles
    • The mineralisation in the deposits of the Henry Mountains district (and other sandstone hosted deposits, including the Wyoming based roll-front deposits):
      • is vanadium dominant with accessory uranium,
      • occurs entirely within reduced sandstone, without adjacent tongues of oxidized sandstone,
    • Commonly contains high grade zones within oxidation-reduction boundaries with historical samples from Union Carbide Corporation including grades of up to 5.29% V2Oand it’s vanadium bearing mineral is vanadium oxy-hydroxide mineral montroseite which appears highly amenable to conventional sulfuric acid leaching

    Outcropping segments of the fertile Morrison Formation in the Uravan mineral belt, Colorado, to the east of the Henry Mountains Complex which produced 14Mt between 1950 and 1979 at an average grade of 2,500ppm U3O8 and 12,900ppm V2O1

    See GTR ASX Release 01 July 2019 https://www.asx.com.au/asxpdf/20190701/pdf/446817l2hfkvf7.pdf


    Metallurgy and Processing

    Processing Plant – Trucking Distance

    • White Mesa Mill is a significant past producer of U3O8 and V2O5 since 1980’s
    • The only conventional licensed & operating uranium mill in the USA
    • V2O5 production resumed from tailings dams during 2018
    • History of toll milling and ore purchase programs from third party mines

    Potential benefits

    • Conventional mill process of acid leach with solvent extraction recovery of U3O8 and V2O5

    • Credits for both U3O8 and V2O5

    • Minimal capex if toll milling is feasible


    White Mesa Mill near Blanding, Utah

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